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Measuring ROI: Preliminary Stats for 2015

May 07, 2015


That there is a perceived ROI measurement problem for content marketing for investment managers and inbound marketing for investment managers is well understood by the industry. I say "perceived" because it simply isn't true.

While investment management has some characteristics unique to its fundamentals, it is not so different as to be immune from marketing strategies that work elsewhere.

With that in mind, HubSpot is in the process of releasing their ROI Report for 2015 (the full report is pending), but they have released some preliminary numbers.

Importantly, within 12 months of initiating an inbound campaign, HubSpot’s customers realized:
  • 3.15 times more website visits per month
  • 4.8 times more leads per month
  • 72% saw an increase in sales revenue.

Even assuming that the typical investment management prospect is twice as discriminating as those in other industries, these numbers still offer a tremendous opportunity for forward-thinking, creative investment management firms.

Unfortunately, not all investment management firms have the right temperament for inbound marketing. Inbound requires:

  1. A sincere desire to raise new capital. Everybody says they want to grow AUM, that they know their clients and prospects, and that they know what they want to hear and how to reach them.

    If that’s the case, then why are most firms unhappy with their growth? The problem is that most firms will readily admit that they are comfortable with what they’ve always done... and that’s the problem: the marketing effort, message, and delivery have gotten stale.

    Unfortunately, they seem to think that augmenting the existing strategy is either too risky or they, in all honesty, simply don't want to be bothered. Under these circumstances, it is fair to question exactly how committed a firm is to raising capital?

  2. Patience. Inbound isn’t as easy as revamping a website, blogging once a month, and watching the cash roll in - it takes work. Inbound marketing for investment managers is a process that takes time to see results.

    As anybody who’s ever gotten back in shape after a long layoff knows, it is important to recognize and embrace the milestones and small victories won along the way.

    If the goal of an inbound strategy is to raise capital, then the small victories to be savored are things like steadily growing website traffic, improved search numbers, a growing social media presence and following, and increased interest in the firm’s thought leadership.

    None of these will come overnight, but they will never come until a first step is taken.

  3. Discipline. Many companies that undertake an inbound marketing campaign start with an initial burst of enthusiasm for the new initiative… that’s the easy part. What’s more difficult is to remain disciplined and focused on executing the strategy when it feels like results should be forthcoming but aren't. When inbound strategies fail, this lack of discipline is the culprit on the vast majority of occasions.

At the end of the day, a firm has to maintain faith in the process. All of the evidence suggests that an inbound marketing campaign, conceived and executed in a professional, thoughtful manner, will have a tangible, meaningful effect on an investment manager’s bottom line.

Does your firm have the right temperment? Want an evaluation? Click the icon below:

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