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The DQCOMM Guide to Inbound Marketing for Investment Managers

August 31, 2015


Today we are excited to release our new guide to Inbound Marketing for Investment Managers.

In this complimentary guide, we explore everything an investment management firm (institutional managers, hedge funds, wealth managers, money managers, and private equity firms) needs to know about initiating or adding an Inbound Marketing component to their investment management marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing for Investment Managers is a complimentary guide which covers topics such as:
  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Quality Content is Helpful Content
  • Creating Quality Content With Buyer Personas
  • So... What Do I Actually Write About
  • How Do I Get Content in Front of My Audience?
  • Clients From a Google Search? Really?
  • In the Absence of AUM Growth, What Do I Measure and How Do I Measure It?
  • Metrics

The competitive landscape for investment management marketing is a fierce as ever. As I note in the guide, Inbound has yet to achieve meaningful penetration in the investment management industry.

This means that, as a competitive advantage, Inbound Marketing offers investment managers a true early-mover advantage, as well as the means to achieve true differentiation from its competition.

Click through and download the guide, compliments of DQCOMM.



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